Coram Nobis

What Is Coram Nobis?

A writ of Coram Nobis is an order that may allow you to vacate your criminal charges. You must meet certain requirements in order to be eligible to file the writ which would allow you to request that the court’s conviction against you be corrected. In many cases, there is an error or piece of evidence what was overlooked or not disclosed, which may have prevented your conviction. If you are facing criminal charges, federal charges or are an immigrant, Coram Nobis may be the last avenue for you to challenge or vacate your conviction.

How do I qualify for Coram Nobis?

The law advises that a writ can only be sought through the original court that entered the judgment against you and that you must meet that court’s requirements. In most Maryland courts, there are only two areas where a writ may be issued, one where errors of fact exist or are discovered or one where there was an error of law applied to your case, or later discovered.

Coram Nobis Help

For additional criteria, it is important to go over the details of your case and circumstances with a Maryland criminal defense attorney who is experienced with the filing of writs for the purposes of challenging or vacating convictions. Our office is prepared to assist in reviewing your case files and pursue a Writ of Coram Nobis on your behalf. Obtaining a Writ of Coram Nobis has a time limitation so it is important that if you feel that you did not get a fair trial, evidence was overlooked or that the court or prosecutor erred in your case, you must request a writ within 3 years. Contact our office today for immediate assistance.