Post Conviction

What happens after your conviction?

Being convicted of a crime is life-changing, it can be devastating, embarrassing and it affects both you and your loved ones. The impact of your conviction will vary depending on your charges, regardless of the outcome, you may be eligible for post-conviction relief.

What Is Post Conviction Relief?

In Maryland, any individual convicted of a crime including serving a sentence or in the process of probation or parole has the option of requesting post-conviction relief under the Post Conviction Procedure Act. In theory, once convicted, you have a right to challenge the conviction of the court.

Historically, in order to qualify for consideration of Post-Conviction Relief, one would have had to file a petition known as Writ Of Actual Innocence or a Petition to test DNA evidence to seek relief. These two options were challenged in 2016 by those that deemed that anyone who had accepted a plea bargain was not eligible. This created more limitations for those that would otherwise be allowed to have newly discovered evidence reviewed and tested to gain their freedom.

Changes To The Law

In 2018, Maryland passed a bill that expanded Post-Conviction relief. This is good news for thousands of individuals who earlier accepted plea bargains. Plea bargains are common and account for the majority of convictions. The latter was an important step forward for those seeking post-conviction relief.

Get Help With Post-Conviction Relief In Maryland

The process of filing for Post-Conviction relief can be overwhelming and complicated, at Britt Criminal Defense, your freedom and future are important to us. Let us help guide you through the process of post-conviction. Contact us to learn how we can help you.