Top 5 Questions People Ask About Getting Arrested

Being arrested can be a frightening and life-altering experience. Here are some answers to the top questions we get asked about being arrested by police officers in Maryland. 

1. Can I Be Arrested Without a Warrant? 

To legally arrest you, one or more of these things must be true: 

  • The police witnessed you committing a crime or have reasonable evidence that you did commit a crime 
  • The police have a warrant for your arrest 

If law enforcement officers do not have probable cause to detain you nor a warrant for your arrest, any attempt to place you in police custody may be unlawful. 

2. Does an Officer Have to Inform Me Why I’m Being Arrested? 

No matter what crime you are being accused of, every U.S. citizen has the right to be informed that they are being detained and the grounds on which they are being arrested. A police officer may wait to do this only until it is practicable. If you were not informed of the reason for your arrest until much later, your arrest may have been unlawful. 

3. Can a Police Officer Search Me or My Home Without a Warrant? 

An officer must have either a warrant to search your person or property or probable cause. In this case, probable cause refers to the reasonable conclusion that a crime was likely committed on or in the property. If the police do not have a warrant and request to search you, ask if they have probable cause. If they don’t, inform them that you do not consent to a search. 

4. What Do I Do If a Police Officer Lied About Me On Their Report? 

Unfortunately, officers lie on police reports often to paint a picture of what happened that is more favorable for the officer. This can sometimes be difficult to prove, but you may be able to do so if you have video, audio, written, or pictorial proof that what the officer put on the police report was inaccurate. 

5. Do I Need a Lawyer If I’m Arrested? 

Fighting criminal charges on your own in Maryland is next to impossible. It’s much more difficult to argue your innocence and present compelling evidence to dispel the charges you’re being accused of without the help of a criminal defense attorney. 

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